Sig P320 RMR Adapter Plate
Sig P320 RMR Adapter Plate

Sig P320 RMR Adapter Plate

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Precision machined 7075-T6 mount plate designed to work with the Sig Sauer standard P320 NON-M17/18 w/the Delta Point Pro slide cut. Included is a stainless-steel sealing plate and all the required screws/wrenches. Fits the Trijicon RMR, the Trijicon SRO, and the Holosun HS507C. Note that the Holosun has slightly shorter threads and the screws we provide will need to be ground down a half thread. See lower section for more detailed Holosun mounting instructions. 

Holosun Mounting Instructions




The Holosun series of compatible optics utilize DIFFERENT screws than what is provided by Bobro Engineering for the Trijicon RMR series.

What are the differences? The Holosun screws have a smaller diameter head (top part) than what is used to mount an RMR, and the smaller diameter head Holosun screws MUST be used. Holosun provides 2 lengths, one is 5/16” (short) and the other is 3/8” (long) you MUST use the long screw.

If you use the short (5/16”) screw you will not have enough threads engaged with the Bobro Engineering plate, and this is INCORRECT.

The long (3/8”) screws will be too long and stick out past the bottom surface of the plate. You must file or grind these screws so that they are flush with the bottom of the plate with the Holosun unit installed. This maximizes the thread engagement and is CORRECT.

The plate that Bobro Engineering makes is tapped for a 6-32 screw (for the optic) and double check that the Holosun screws that you have are also 6-32 before installation. Since Bobro Engineering provided the correct screws to mount the Trijicon RMR, it is on you to ensure that the screws you use for the Holosun are correct.

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