KOFN 1913 Mount
KOFN 1913 Mount

KOFN 1913 Mount

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KOFN (Keyed Optic Fastening Network)

The KOFN (US Patent Pending) is a new, innovative return-to-zero mounting system designed to attach accessories securely and quickly to a host that has an affixed KOFN base.

To operate, install the KOFN wedge with the wider end forward towards the muzzle. Next, slide the accessory with its attached base onto the wedge until you detect (audible or feel) that the push bar snaps into place and securely locks the assembly. The push bar does not need to be depressed to lock the accessory into place. If rail space is limited, it can be depressed to allow the base to engage the wedge halfway down the channel.

Flashlight/laser base- Secure the flashlight/laser with the provided fasteners to the base unit. Affix the KOFN wedge on the host in the desired location.

Optic plates- The optic is secured to the base with the provided low strength thread locker. Make sure that any mounting fasteners are long enough to engage all the threads in the KOFN base. Zero the optic, then remove and reinstall the base to the wedge to ensure the integrity of the system. Re-check your zero.

This is a fixed 1913 base that uses our existing 1913 clamp with a KOFN installed on top. The mount can be configured with either a flashlight interface or an optic interface.

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