Forward Grip Assembly
Forward Grip Assembly

Forward Grip Assembly

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The Bobro Engineering front grip is designed to serve many applications past the conventional use of these devices. Ideally, it is to be used in conjunction with a sling.

We started with a revolutionary (Patent Pending) attachment method that utilizes opposing forces in a diagonal plane to secure the unit. The mechanism is self-aligning, and is installed on the host weapon as follows.

Rotate the drive wheel until the driver plate is allowed to retract under spring pressure. Push the grip assembly onto the rail when the rail is between the two outer locking walls (at approximately 45 degrees) then rotate the unit until a tactile engagement is felt. Then, simply rotate the lock wheel until it stops. It is now totally secure. Due to an internal compression bearing design, it remains secure throughout firing and use.

To maximize the potential of the grip, a sling is used to augment its abilities to provide a super secure attachment point for virtually endless configurations in unconventional shooting applications.

As a stand-alone unit, it is designed to be used as a monopod and as a barricade stop. In barricade work, the open design allows any combination of fingers to secure the weapon without the discomfort of a conventional setup. Within the skeletonized portion, we have grooves to facilitate comfort, and to provide a friction surface for the sling.

The left and right sides of the grip are designed to allow the unit to be firmly secured in a clamping head on a tripod etc.

We have taken the front grip to another level in terms of application and use.

Weight: 3.6 oz. 



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