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Bi-pod Type 3- BLAC | Item No: BPS-3
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Limited Bipod run. When you Pre-order, we will ship on a first come, first serve basis. We will be shipping as we get them assembled. First units will be shipped within a week. No discounts except for LE/MIL are applicable to this limited Bipod run………………………………………………………………………………… The bipod utilizes Patent Pending CTM (Collapsing Triangle Mechanism) technology to permit deployment without the requirement of control manipulation such as buttons etc. The bipod is deployed by pulling the legs rearward fully until the claw within the clawbox applies pressure to the clawbox post. A conical interface applies constant and even pressure to ensure that the bipod remains positively locked and cannot collapse without Operator input. Having the bipod lock securely and not collapse is the most important feature, and is much safer than a design that permits collapse without dedicated intent. To collapse the bipod, depress the claw pivot and start pushing the leg(s) forward. Once the leg(s) start forward travel, the claw pivot button is released.

Bobro designed the Type 3 with integral bushings and used the yoke as a secondary interface in conjunction with the leg pivot. The Type 3 is extremely strong, and is further braced with the CTM system.

The Patented [US Patent 8,567,105] BLAC™ lever system is how the Bipod is attached to the weapon.

Aluminum components are of alloy 6061-T6 and hard anodized to Mil-Spec. All fasteners are phosphate coated to Mil-Spec or oxide treated 304 stainless steel. Main springs are phosphate coated to Mil-Spec.

Manufactured by: Bobro Engineering

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