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Dealer Information

In our continuing effort to broaden our reach, we are actively on the look out for new channels of distribution. If you are interested in carrying one or more of our products please read the dealer information below.

Dealer Incentives:

We appreciate the efforts of our dealers to promote our product line and in exchange provide the following dealer incentives:

  • Protected sales area ( 25 mile radius )
  • Multiple pricing tiers ( You determine your price! )
  • No purchasing minimums ( After initial buy in )
  • No shipping charges ( All dealer orders ship free! )
  • Level playing field ( through MAP pricing plan )

In addition to the incentives listed above, we also offer Master Distributor pricing to the first dealer to come on board for a given state. Reference our Dealer Locator page to see if you qualify!

How it works:

In order to be considered for our dealer program, you need to first register an account on our website. Once you have registered, use our contact page to send us an email with your company name and registered username. Once we verify your information, we will move your account to our dealer pricing group. You will be notified by email when your account has been updated and you will receive a current copy of our dealer pricing schedule. Once you receive your notification you are free to purchase directly through our website at your assigned price. Note: You must be logged in to see and purchase at your dealer price.

  • Register an account on our website
  • Email your credentials to
  • You will be notified by email once your account has been updated
  • Order through our website at your dealer pricing
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